Friday, April 4, 2014

Russia Is Dominated By Global Banks Too

Russia is more beholden to international bankers than perhaps any nation on the planet. After the collapse of the Russian economy and the dissolution of the old Soviet Union, the country was in dire straits. From 1992 to 1996, the IMF intervened in the Russian economy, offering more than $22 billion in aid (officially). This first loan package was presented as a failure when Russia defaulted on its debts, and loans from the IMF restarted through the late ’90s until this very day.

Putin has been elevated to heroic status in much of the mainstream media over the years. TIME magazine, a long-running globalist publication, recently published a front-page article with this tagline: “America’s weak and waffling. Russia’s rich and resurgent — and its leader doesn’t care what anybody thinks of him.”

This cover was used by TIME in every country in which it is distributed, except the United States.

The Times of Britain named Putin “Man Of The Year” in 2013. In Liberty Movement circles, Putin worship has been growing to disturbing levels. I would say at least half of our movement truly believes Putin and Russia to be a guiding light in the fight against globalization and the New World Order. Unfortunately, many people look for heroes to save them when they should be looking to themselves. Putin’s nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize for his “intervention” in the Syrian crisis is celebrated by many freedom fighters here in America, when, in reality, the Obama Administration’s failure to achieve a war footing in the region had nothing to do with the actions of Russia.

The recent break of Crimea from Ukraine and secession to Russia was partly instigated by the vast concessions required by the IMF if loans to Ukraine were to move forward. One of these concessions included the handing over of Ukrainian gas pipelines to America’s Chevron. Crimean leaders accused Kiev politicians of selling out Ukraine to the global bankers.

However, it was actually Russia’s finance minister and Putin who first pushed for the IMF bailout of Ukraine. It was, in fact, Putin who wanted Ukraine to “sell out” to Western financiers.

Remember, Russia and the U.S. are nothing but false champions dueling in a fake gladiator match paid for by the IMF. The war against Syria was thwarted because the elites were unable to garner enough public support from the American people to make the action viable. Every engineered war needs a gullible percentage of the population to give it momentum. Why didn’t they get their following from the public? It was because of the tireless efforts of the alternative media.

It was the Liberty Movement that exposed the lies behind the Syrian insurgency; the consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya; the CIA’s involvement with al-Qaida in Damascus, etc. It is the Liberty Movement that deserves the credit for disrupting the globalist plan to use Syria as a trigger event for a false confrontation between the U.S. and Russia.

Read the rest of this article [with references and links] by Brandon Smith here.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax

THE JEWISH GAS CHAMBER HOAX is a Revisionist documentary which provides relevatory information debunking the greatest hoax in human history -

“The Holocaust” – the fraudulent claim that six million Jews were murdered by Germans, mostly in “Gas Chambers disguised as Shower Rooms.”

Never before seen evidence helps prove that Treblinka was a transit camp, far from the “Pure Extermination Camp” myth currently promoted by the Holocaust religion.

For the first time ever, listen to Jews themselves who were transited through Treblinka describe the process of being transferred from Treblinka to other camps, along with hundreds and thousands of other men women and children. Documentation is presented which affirms that Treblinka was no top secret “pure extermination center”, but a simple transit camp where many Jews took real showers in order to keep them alive.

The absurdity of diesel gassings, non-existent mass graves, forced confessions, and more are covered in THE JEWISH GAS CHAMBER HOAX, a new documentary from the filmmaker of THE LAST DAYS OF THE BIG LIE.

P.S. Who else but people with absolutely no shame, the children of the father of lies, could bring us such a great hoax? To support the author of the above invaluable film go here.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The War Against Trevor Labonte

Until two years ago, Trevor LaBonte was one of the most successful Jazz artists in Texas. He had been performing every night and in the most prestigious venues. He was the first-call guitar player for many of Austin’s prominent musicians. But then it all changed.

Find out what happened by reading Gilad Atzmon's interview with Trevor LaBonte here.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Jews Behind Michael Sam

Is it any surprise that the much celebrated Michael Sam announced his ‘pride’ in being a homosexual via the New York Times and ESPN, both Jew-owned?

Indeed, college football star Michael Sam is one large piece of homosexual propaganda resonating throughout Jewry in its relentless attack on Christian morality.

Since Sam’s public relations team decided to announce his ‘queerness’ right before the NFL draft, one wonders how many teams will decide to pass on him.

Would they dare such a thing? The Jew-infested press will destroy them.

And since 34% of the League are Jew-owned, there will be no shortage of teams clamoring for the services of Sam seeing that the Jew-promoted NFL is fully behind the idea of open homosexuality.

And what better way to promote perversion than to have a Jew doing the PR!

Sam picked the Jew Howard Bragman as his personal PR pro to “lead the charge” in the creation of his soon-to-be NFL identity.

Bragman, also an open sodomite, is known as the “gay guru” who helps celebrities “come out”…and Sam, (his father repudiates his son’s vile sin), is Bragman’s latest client.

The night before Sam’s “coming out,” Bragman offered a toast during a celebratory dinner for the up-and-coming hero.

A host of perverts in the sports community were honored in the toast but Sam got the highest honors as “the bravest of all.”

Timing is everything, and with the non-stop Jew-bashing of Putin and his traditional Orthodox opposition to all things homosexual, what a wonderful opportunity to show the rest of the world the disgrace of homosexual worship here in the Jewnited States of Jewmerica.

No doubt, America’s newest hero will have no qualms when it comes to donning pink in the hot new fad of feminizing the manly sport of football under the guise of “good causes” which in reality are no more than Marxist social engineering indoctrination.

Maybe Sam’s agents can team up with the copyright owners of the works of famous children’s writer, Dr Seuss, aka Theodor Seuss Geisel, a noted Jewish propagandist for Stalin’s Marxism.

You can see it now, a cleverly designed spin off of “Sam I Am” & I’m Gay Too!

What a wonderful way to help young “goyim” minds to accept new ideas, overturn the accepted order of things, and fall in love with our latest and greatest sports hero.

This will help those young goyim to think that being homosexual is a “cool thing.”

But if having sex with another man’s feces is a “cool thing” then this country is toast.

God rained down fire on Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Jews are provoking God to do the same here in our Jew-ruined nation.

And Michael Sam is just another chump in Jewry’s plan to sodomize America.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Best Super Bowl Interview

Hey Super Bowl fans, how did you like all those security checks you had to go through, all based on the staged, false-flag 9/11 terror attack.

This was a very positive event... truth screaming through the cracks... but, uh oh... did the truth activist first check with Mark Glenn [emperor of TUTland] to see if he would be making other truthers look like nut jobs by this action?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Quenelle Gesture Quickly Becomes Rage

What the hell is a 'quenelle'? The gesture described by jewry as an upside-down Heil Hitler sign is causing trouble for everyone by jewry from NBA basketball player Tony Parker to US president Barack Obama.

On Monday, it was the third-most-searched-for term on Google.

Stories here and here and here and here.

P.S.1: Is it because people are universally becoming aware of whom the world is indebted to and why their economies are falling through the floor that the 'quenelle' gesture can become such a rage so quickly? Will jewry shut it down as fast as its become a rage? What a hot start to 2014! Happy Quenelling.

P.S.2: Gilad Atzmon on the quenelle: If the quenelle is loosely defined as an anti establishment salute, one may wonder why Jews are offended by it and regard it as an ‘anti-Semitic’ gesture? Is it because many Jews actually identify with ‘the establishment’? And how do we explain the fact that the French government is happy to compromise the most elementary liberties just to appease the French Jewish Lobby? Here it here.

P.S.3: My prediction for 2014: More Americans than ever before will say the word "jew".... And that will be very worrisome to jewry.

P.S.4: Look here to see some samples of quenelling and a report on how it all got started in France. And doncha know that French jewry is attempting to ban the comedian who started it all from working again. Imagine that. Doncha think that the practice of judaism should be banned instead?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I'm with Sofia on Sandy Hook...

... that is Sofia Smallstorm of the video above and of 9/11 Mysteries.

I'm also with Kevin Barrett and Professor James Tracy on Sandy Hook here.

I'm also with Bonnie Faulkner who interviewed Professor Tracy here.

The Sandy Hook hoax was a wake-up call for many people that weren't previously awakened by the 9/11 hoax.

More people are joining the ranks of people that know they are being lied to. I'm not afraid of Glen Beck's attempt to ridicule those people, Mr. Glenn.

You know things are really screwed up in TUTland when its subjects are listening to Glen Beck debunking conspiracy theories.

P.S.1: And Mr. Glenn, I'm also with Ken O'Keefe and Victor Thorn on Sandy Hook here and here.

P.S.2: A more detailed video covering the anomalies of the event is here. Another great one is here.

P.S.3: Sandy Hook Debate: Well it was supposed to be a debate, hosted by John Friend, between Jim Fetzer and Michael Collins Piper... but Piper begged out so it turned into a discussion. Click here to hear the discussion and to see some very informative links on the matter.

P.S.4: 1/14/2014: According to Mark Glenn, Piper is hospitalized because of, in Glenn's words, 'a massive heart attack.' [See it here.] I wish you well Michael. If you want to get well, my advice for you is to get away from Mark Glenn as far as you can. He's riding your coat tails, and he is a lying, dangerous, delusional, megalomaniac. The wheels are coming off his train. Too bad you couldn't see that. When his followers realize that he's crazy, they'll blame it on those 'Sandy Hookers.' Others that could see better, especially those that have had direct dealings with him, know he was crazy long before Sandy Hook... besides being a liar.

P.S.5: 1/16/2014: If you debate Michael Collins Piper, you may have your head put through a wall. Really. Listen to the "heartfelt tribute and salute" to Piper from TUTland here.

P.S.6: 1/16/2014: Amazingly, the emperor of TUTland, Mark Glenn, posts Deanna Spingola's discussion on drugs [here], a discussion that he's been screaming could not be had because of doubters of the official Sandy Hook story. At the end of the discussion, she demonstrates how to have a civil debate on Sandy Hook. Will the emperor now follow her lead? Why can't discussions on the problem of drugs and the anomalies of the Sandy Hook event both be had? Besides these two matters, those damned government drills need to be discussed, doncha think? What are they for but to keep the jingo of terror alive in hearts and minds of the public, and to serve as platforms for possible government false flag events?... which Sandy Hook has all the appearances of.

P.S.7: Deanna Spingola shamefully gets in line with TUTlanders on Sandy Hook here.

Merry Christmas

Passing this along from an email I received. Amazing Grace to all.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chomsky Maintains Credibility, Debunks 9/11 & JFK Conspiracy Theories

The 9/11 and JFK Murder conspiracy theories don't conform with Chomsky's understanding of the way things happen; thus they are distractions from his determination of what should be discussed; they challenge his kingdom, much like discussion of Sandy Hook is challenging kingdoms of other truth demagogues, in particular, Mark Glenn, the petulant emperor of TUTland, who protests that discussing the anomalies of Sandy Hook hurts the credibility of other truth advocates... lmao, especially himself and his good buddy Mike Piper, whom the manipulative emperor has won over with his tried and true flattery technique (It worked on Ahmadinejad; no yet on Putin. Please Vladimir, invite me to a press conference. I love you, my family loves you...).

P.S.1: Truth demagogues vying for leadership of the "truth movement," i.e., Mark Glenn, who proudly states his credentials for such leadership by letting you know here that he has a college degree, has written many books and articles, speaks five languages; who here refers to anyone discussing the anomalies of Sandy Hook as being part of a "cult,"... any such truth demagogues that are annoyed with those crazy "Sandy Hookers" causing a distraction, don't feel lonely, take courage and inspiration from Chomsky here, i.e., just talk to adoring sycophants. Chomsky has survived the 9/11 and JFK conspiracy kooks, and he's still making a living as a truth demagogue... albeit in much smaller circles.

P.S.2: Who do you imagine -other than jews and Chomsky cult members- is cheering Chomsky here?

P.S.3: I wonder if Chomsky [considering that he also has a college degree (lmao) and has written many books and articles] could teach the diminutive demagogue of TUTland something about petulance. I wonder how many languages he speaks (lmao). I wonder if Chomsky is so insecure about himself that he publicly slanders and lies about his critics, and uses mafia tactics behind the scenes to shut them up.

P.S.4: Uh oh, I wonder if the petulant emperor of TUTland knows that his good buddy and fellow Press TV interviewee colleague Kevin Barrett may be a member of the Sandy Hook "cult." Does he know, I wonder, of Barrett giving voice to one of the cultist [Professor James Tracy] on his radio show here? Maybe one day the petulant emperor can run to Barrett to help him soften his position on "Sandy Hookers"... and regain some of his lost credibility with free thinking blog activists, outside of TUTland. And maybe Barrett can help the emperor with his petulance problem. And maybe Barret can bring his many "god-fearng" jewish friends to join the ranks of the petulant emperor's sycophants in TUTland. That would make a fearsome force.

P.S.5: Does anyone not from TUTland think that the petulant emperor is being rational in his debate in comments here? I ask the question of anyone not from TUTland because I know that no one from TUTland is allowed to dissent from the petulant emperor's edicts. The petulant emperor is no one that should be throwing around the term "cult."

Monday, November 25, 2013

Lonely Jew Cries Out Truth of Jewish Culture

The following words of truth on jewish culture, meant for his fellow jews, were posted on Ken O'Keefe's blog here:

“It is so terribly and dramatically disturbing to have been raised Jewish and Zionist, and to see the death and destruction that my people are bringing to the world. It is so frustrating to say, “Grow as I have grown, see what I see” and to only hear the same broken record of Jewish victimization and accusations of “self-hating Jew” in response. If I, as one born and raised in this death-crazed narcissistic cult, don’t know how to resolve this desperate situation, how will anyone else figure it out? Please- Jews- my people- you are desperately sick. The whole world sees this and knows it, and yet so many are afraid to say so for fear of being called “Anti-Semite”, while you kill children and refuse to be embarrassed by your blatantly evident tribal mental illness. But the world will stop being afraid of you, and cease to tolerate your murderous narcissism, and the result will be terrible for you. Please, please stop before this happens. Stop before you kill another child in Palestine! STOP THE KILLING IN GAZA!” 

P.S. God is graceful. Jews have been warned like this over and over again. These warnings all fall upon deaf ears. Several years ago similar words were spoken by a lonely jewess to her fellow tribe members at a jewish-friendly Middle East Committee meeting, sponsored by Milwaukee's jewish-friendly Peace Action Center. I thought I happened upon a friend. I echoed her words. To my chagrin, and for my learning, I was only marginalized as an "anti-Semite"... with the jewess leading the way of my marginalization.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Since 9/11, and the subsequent militarization of the police by the Department of Homeland Security, about 5,000 Americans have been killed by US police officers. The civilian death rate is nearly equal to the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq.

Many people have noticed that several of the local police officers, particularly the younger ones are more gruff, rude and even abusive as compared to the past. Many veteran officers attribute the shift towards DHS’ training of local police which focuses on teaching the police that the public is their enemy as opposed to the traditional view that teaches that the local population and the police are partners in keeping the community safe.

Whatever happened to the friendly neighborhood cop who walked a beat, was well-known and respected by the local residents and was seen as the protector of the neighborhood? Far too often, that cop has been replaced by thugs wearing camouflage, bank robber type black ski masks who are armed with automatic weapons and sometimes even break down the doors of people who are innocent.

Americans have long maintained that a man’s home is his castle and that he has the right to stand his ground in defending his property from dangerous interlopers.

Unfortunately, the right to defend one’s own home may be disappearing. America has become SWAT team happy. America has seen a disturbing trend towards militarization of its local civilian law enforcement, along with a dramatic and very disturbing rise in the use of paramilitary police units being used for routine police work. The most common use of SWAT teams today is to serve narcotics warrants, usually with forced, unannounced entry into the home. However, anyone can be SWAT-teamed, even those who default on their student loans have been SWAT-teamed.


P.S. Since my last public protest for which I was on the verge of being tazered... but for the appearance of a good cop --one who didn't see the public as the enemy-- I will never protest alone, without witnesses or a video camera.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Top Five Worst Paying Corporations & Wal-Mart's Wage War

My fellow Americans, I think it should be obvious that there's something wrong when grandparents are competing with their grandchildren for the same menial labor jobs... or asking them to be references for those jobs, doncha think, or doncha think?

Think next time you see elderly persons who must be grandparents working behind the counter at Mikky D's or as greeters at Walmart.

Jews and the Opium Wars

Why am I not surprised that jews would be behind the opium trade. It is very much in character with jewish culture isn't it.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Only Five Members of Congress Bother to Hear Testimony of Drone Victims

My fellow Americans... that are still proud of your country... what are you proud of?